The objectives of the Forum are

Strengthen Maritime Network

Provide a platform to network and to promote and strengthen the exchange of maritime related professional views amongst the members.

Promote Professionalisam

Strengthen the professional capacity of the members through inter alia exchange of formal and informal thought provoking views, ideas and deliberations and other related activities.

Maritime affairs

Upon request, provide broad based advice to entities on matters pertaining to maritime affairs.

About Us

To serve the maritime interests of Pakistan and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. This Forum has been created to provide a platform where one can network and promote an exchange of ideas between the large expat Pakistani maritime professionals and maritime interests within the UK. In general, the aim is to develop ideas/opportunities on the Pakistani maritime industry and support the development of the maritime sector in Pakistan and raise the profile of Pakistan in general within the UK maritime interests.

Why become part of us?

We are a body of experienced and like minded Marine professionals providing an opportunity to network and promote professionalism. If you are a maritime professional of any rank, Ship-owners, Marine Investment Bankers, Time and Voyage Charterers, Ship Brokers, Maritime Solicitors/Barristers, Marine Insurance professionals, Ship Surveyors, Port Officials or any person with a genuine maritime interest in the UK or Pakistan, we would like to hear from you.